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  • Novus™ Fixed Bed Gasifier
    • Radian’s Novus Hybrid Updraft/Downdraft Gasifier is currently being developed for smaller, distributed modular applications ranging from 25 to 100 tons/day with low exit temperatures.  Mobile/transportable systems can be configured.
  • Bubbling Fluid Bed Gasifier
    • A fully commercialized, larger scale system that has demonstrated up to 500 tons/day of biomass and RDF feedstocks in a single reactor.  The technology is the preferred selection for large scale biomass-to-liquids, Biomass IGCC or Coal Plant re-powering with biomass.
  • QuenchClean
    • This is a quench/venturi based gas cooling and cleaning system necessary to condition the gas for feeding to I/C engines.



  • PyroilChar Reactor
    • This is pyrolysis technology that produces a combination of Bio-Oil and Bio-Char.  The Bio-Oil can be sent to refineries for upgrading or catalytic on-site upgrading / stabilization can be added.  The Bio-Char product can be used for soil amendment and/or steam upgrading to activated carbons.  Ratios of product yields can be adjusted to match customer needs. 
  • RadianTorre Reactor
    • The RadianTorre technology is a wood torrefaction system designed to increase wood energy content for either wood pellet production or for improved wood grindability characteristics for co-firing with coal.



In addition to equipment supply and technology licensing packages, Radian offers a full range of design and engineering services in order to support your project development needs.  For turn-key plant implementation, Radian works with its select EPC partner firms to implement project construction, start-up operations and optional long-term operational service contracts.

Services include:

Feasiblity Analyses

Project Design & Engineering

Project Implementation

  • Scope Definition
  • PFD's
  • CAPEX & OPEX Estimates
  • Financial Modeling
  • Major Equipment Requirements


  • Process Modeling (ASPEN™)
  • Detailed Heat and Mass Balances
  • Unit Operations Definition
  • Utilities Summary
  • Emmission Predictions
  • P&ID's
  • Plant Layout
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • EPC Selection & Coordination
  • Procurement / Fabrication
  • Plant Construction Management
  • Plant Commissioning / Start-Up
  • Operator Training

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