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Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions

Radian Bioenergy is changing the paradigm of how we transform and use biomass and waste.  Our aim is to unlock the value of biomass and waste by converting this otherwise stranded carbon into high value renewable energy products.  We do this by applying our Novus-G gasification technology to produce synthesis gas or ‘syngas.’  The syngas can then be converted into a number energy outputs including: electricity, ‘drop-in’ liquid fuels (diesel, jet fuel, ethanol and gasoline); as well as chemicals and fertilizers – all in a carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly manner.

The United States alone has the potential to produce over 1 billion tons per year of sustainably produced non-food biomass ranging from agricultural residues to bio-sludge and woody biomass.  Additionally, over 400 million tons of municipal and industrial wastes are produced each year.  The irony is we mine and drill for carbon sources (coal and oil) and then we turn around bury it (garbage). 

Being able to utilize a diverse set of biomass and waste feedstocks (inputs) to produce a diverse range of products (outputs) can drive sustainable economic development and job creation in both rural and urban markets – all while decreasing our dependency on coal, natural gas and imported oil.